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Commercial and Domestic Biomass Wood Fuelled Heating Boiler

The wood burning stove or boiler burns this fuel to provide hot water and heat for your central heating system. A boiler using wood-based fuel for heating has lower carbon emissions and is considered "green" or eco-friendly. There are many boilers of this type on the market today.


Biomass boilers are suitable for home domestic use and also commercial use, combining a cheaper solution for your heating requirements. They have heating controls just like any other boiler on the market so are suitable for home or business.


Wood Chip, Log & Pellet Suppliers are growing in number across the UK and some provide a national delivery service. Some resellers of Wood Chip, Log & Wood Pellets are detailed below. Biofuel fireplaces and stoves are also available in the UK. The use of wood is a source of renewable energy and is considered as a carbon neutral fuel for sustainable heating. Biomass heating can help reduce costs as well as helping the climate.



Biomass boiler can be installed new, or can be fitted as a replacement for an existing Natural Gas, Oil or LPG boiler installation. Any boiler that is scrapped and replaced should be carried out by a registered professional company.


An alternative biomass boiler using wood derivatives as a fuel is a more sustainable product for today's environment and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.


Biomass Boilers - How Do They Work

This type of boiler requires the need for wood to loaded into the firebox. The Wood is ignited by lighting some kindling under the wood. The burning of the wood fuel produces hot gases which pass through a heat exchanger, this in turn provides hot water and water for heating. Many types have secondary combustion which burn off all the particulates as well, making them even more efficient.


Generally it is recommended that a heat storage system is used for a biomass wood boiler. In simple terms a storage tank containing the hot water which is connected to the boiler system, when the boiler has died down the hot water is still available in the tank.


Such systems can be integrated to work with other renewable energy products, a wood boiler with a thermal solar system which can provide heating and hot water in winter months when solar output is low.


Wood Pellet boilers usually incorporate automatic feed systems combined with automatic heat exchanger cleaning, and even automatic ash removal which only requires to be emptied a few times every year.


If you can obtain wood products cheaply locally, then a biomass boiler for hot water and central heating is an ideal choice.


Renewable Energy Grants

For commercial applications a business that invests in a renewable source of energy like large scale commercial biomass boilers, may be eligible for a grant as a tax saving incentive. The capital cost of buying a system can be offset by applying for a grant through a Government scheme known as the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. You can check on their website to see if the equipment that you intend to purchase is eligible. Investing in energy-saving equipment plant and machinery can be written off against the taxable profits of the period in which the investment is made. The scheme is aimed at business, corporate and commercial businesses.


Benefits of Having Woof Fuelled Biomass Boiler Installed at your property


Wood fuelled boilers, stoves and fires are becoming more popular in the UK and Europe and have the advantage of reduced carbon emissions and lower fuel costs compared to conventional heating systems. The demand for this type of product has risen in recent years as part of new renewable technologies available today.

Biomass Heating is a renewable energy source. Cheaper and more affordable options that can have an immediate effect on reducing your reliance on grid electricity or mains gas is detailed in Home Energy Saving ideas.



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