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Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Services London - we're husband and wife formed. 24 hr emergency London plumbers.


Wam Air Heating Unit Specialist - Recommended Warm Air Unite Engineers


Warm air heating systems and warm air heating units. We provide a complete line of warm air heating systems to suit all properties. Domestic warm air heating units are available to buy and we will install your new warm air heating system with a 12 month warranty and in some cases work can be funded by a grant from Warm Front. We  have many years of experience installing warm air heating systems.

We also provide warm air heating unit replacement, warm air heating unit servicing and warm air heating unit repair. Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Servies for more information regarding warm air heating system repair and warm air heating unit repair by clicking here.

Our warm air heating systems are provided by Johnson & Starley. Their warm air heating systems and warm air heating units are of the best quality, We can install your new warm air heating system or individual warm air heating units to suit you, give us a call today to find out if warm air heating is right for you



Get to Know - How does warm air unit work?


The air is warmed directly by the gas as it passes through a simple heat exchanger, the air is then circulated through ducts within the property. These systems are extremely economical to run and quick to warm up from cold, but if you want this type of system then you would be best moving into a house that already has it. Or building your own house, fitting the warm air ducts as the house is being built. This type of system is almost impossible to fit into existing houses because of the large ducts needed to circulate the air.


These really should be installed in the centre of the property with the ducts starting off very large and gradually reducing. Air vents are also needed in the walls from heated rooms to allow cooler air to return back to the warm air unit for re-heating. (return air) This is filtered, re-heated and then blown back through the ducts by large fan. Its also possible to get electrostatic air filters to eliminate odours and 95% of airborne particles. (good for asthma sufferers)


The circulation fan may be used to circulate air in the summer to promote cooling. But should not be confused with Air Conditioning  as air Conditioning is something totally different


Mechanical Heat Recovery & Ventilation (MHRV) units may be incorporated into a ducted warm air system. Utilising the warm-air ductwork, kitchen extract fans and tumble dryers may also be piped into the warm air/MHRV system.


Emergency 24Hour Warm Air Unit Specialist Engineers


Warm air heating was popular in the sixties and seventies, when a number of houses were built with it in, but the only new ones are replacement units in existing properties. Most people will fit a wet central heating system if these units need replacing.



- Economical

- Quick to heat the property

- Fan can be used for cooling in summer



- Can't add to later

- Odours can be transported between rooms


You may experience problem with warm air unit heating not working, fan broken, faulty parts. At Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Services can help you. We are a reliable registered plumbing, heating, gas engineers in London. We know how to fix your warm air unit, we know how to fit the part properly and it will work efficiently, we know where to get parts, we know where to purchase warm air unit for you.


Our heating engineers are gas safe registered (corgi) we are all proper qualified and experiences. We have a lot of experiences to assist you 24 hours throughout all holidays and festive seasons.

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