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Family Run 24 Hours Heating/Gas Service Engineers in London

Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services has experienced corgi registered engineers who can carry out heating services and all types of gas issues - 24 hours a day for all emergencies.


Heating / Gas Services We Offer:

- Heating and Ventilation contractors
- Boiler breakdown repair
- Boiler replacement and installation
- Emergency boiler repairs & installations
- Boiler Heath check
- Electric oven
- Gas hob
- General cooker
- Underfloor Heating Repairs
- Commercial & Domestic combination boilers
- Commercial & domestic system boilers
- Back boiler 
- Gas leak repair
- Local heating repair
- Local plumbing heating
- Gas Fire repair and install
- Corgi gas engineer
- Chimney, flue safety check
- Gas leaks, boiler leak fault finding repair
- Radiator installation, repair
- Warm air unit repair, fault finding
- Gas cooker, Hob , Stove repair and replacement
- Corgi notification of gas appliance installation
- Carbon monoxide detectors supply
- System upgrades
- Pumps and valves fitting
- Under floor heating fault finding , repair, installation
- Programmable room thermostats fitting
- Gas safety & Landlord certificate
- Boiler annual service

We know that it is a huge problem finding right and honest trade’s people including good plumber’s and gas engineer’s in London and even in the surrounding areas. Especially, during the “Current climate”- you don’t want to spend money on something if you don’t know if it will be worthwhile. Don’t panic! A reliable family run company like us are here to change this.


Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services London is offering the benefits of the knowledge we have to give “YOU” the customer the right advice – this will result in you saving hundreds or even thousands of pounds in some cases. This is for your benefit. Try us - plumbing and heating services in family run style!



Pressure Drops on Boiler  - Gas Safe (Corgi) Registered Engineer


Combination boilers and system boilers both carry pressure gauges and we're often asked about the pressure shown on these gauges. Any sealed central heating system needs an expansion vessel, a pressure gauge and a pressure relief safety valve.

If you heat water it expands. In an open vented central heating system (with a header tank) some of the water moves back up into the header tank. The expansion does not increase the overall volume of water by a huge amount (maybe 3 or 4 litres, depending on the size of the heating system) but it would be more than enough to burst the pipes if it had nowhere to go.

In a sealed system you have to allow for this expansion. This is done by adding an expansion vessel to the system pipework and it's often inside the boiler. The expansion vessel is just a chamber with a rubber diaphragm across the middle. One side of the expansion chamber is connected to the system pipework. The other side has a car tyre type valve so it can be pumped full of air.


In manufacture the air side is pumped full of air, typically to about 1 bar (about 15 psi). This forces the diaphragm right across to the opposite wall of the chamber. When the central heating system is filled with water and pressurised (to about 1 bar) the water pushes the diaphragm back to about the middle

When the system is heated up the water expands a little but this expansion is accommodated by pushing the diaphragm across partway and compressing the air pocket. The pressure gauge on the boiler or on the pipework will go up by maybe a ¼ bar or ½ bar.

If the air pocket has been largely or completely lost, the pressure will rise sharply as the system is heated, maybe by more than 1½ bar.

To stop the pipework bursting, the boiler or pipework is fitted with a 3 bar pressure relief safety valve (usually with a red cap). If the pressure goes above 3 bar this valve is forced open and water passes out of the system along a safety pipe and is dumped outside the building.

Though a failed or de-pressurised expansion vessel is the most likely culprit when water passes out through the safety pipe it is not the only possible cause. If the plate heat exchanger (secondary heat exchanger) fitted to most combi boilers is leaking internally water will probably be forced out through the safety valve and the pressure gauge will read consistently around 3 bar.

There are 3 ways the air pocket from an expansion vessel can be lost:

- The Schraeder valve (car tyre type valve) can be leaking.
- The rubber diaphragm in the expansion vessel is semi-permeable to air and over time
air can pass across it, dissolving in the system water.
- The expansion vessel diaphragm slowly perishes and may rupture.

If the heating system contains a lot of water (lots of radiators in the central heating system) an extra expansion vessel will be needed from the start, or you will consistently get a big rise in pressure.


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