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Water softener systems are a vital household appliance for people all over the country. They are used to combat ‘hard water’ – water that contains too many dissolved calcium or magnesium ions. As magnesium and calcium ions precipitate in pipes it results in limescale build up (in itself a poor conductor of heat), which obstructs the flow of water through the pipes making appliances less effective. This is where water softener maintenance comes to the scene. Furthermore, upon contact with soap it forms a sticky scum and reduces the ability of the soap to lather, making a bath or shower, or cleaning tasks less productive. Water softener maintenance is necessary to remove this limescale.


Water softener maintenance replaces the calcium and magnesium ions with negative ions (usually sodium, potassium or hydrogen) which do not precipitate in the pipes or react badly with soap, eliminating the issues caused by hard water. This involves a chemical process through which the water passes through a chemical matrix known as a zeolite, or a resin bed of small plastic beads which facilitates this process. However, after a length of time the zeolite or beads contain no negative ions and only the calcium and magnesium ions remain. As such the water softener maintenance is must needed through a regeneration of the negative ions, by flushing them with a salty brine solution.


Water softener maintenance process is simple provided it is checked regularly and the water softener manual should be consulted first and foremost should any problems arise. The salt selection depends on the water softener model, and generally comes in three options: rock salt, solar salt and evaporated salt. Rock salt is the cheapest and least efficient variant and requires cleaning most often, whereas evaporated salt is the most expensive but adversely requires less water softener maintenance. Solar salt is the most common and comes in pellet form.

Most water softener systems will last around twenty to twenty-five years assuming they are maintained efficiently. Checking the salt levels in the brine tank at frequent intervals is essential for water softener maintenance and periodic cleaning of the brine tank should be undertaken to maintain its efficiency. Furthermore, an excess build-up of insoluble ions on the resin bed may result in a poor quality water supply. An iron remover where there are iron deposits (as in the case of an iron-rich water supply) or a resin bed cleaner can prove effective in removing these insoluble ions, but in some circumstances the resin bed will require replacing, especially if there is noticeable algal and bacterial growth. So, it is the overall a good water softener maintenance procedure that grants a smoother run for years to come.



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