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Benefits of Having Underfloor Heating System at Home


• HYGIENE - Underfloor Heating helps to reduce the number of dust mites in your home because moisture content levels are too low. This can aid sufferers of asthma and other breathing complications.


• COST EFFECTIVENESS - Underfloor heating can result in a 15-40% energy saving over traditional heating methods.


• EASE OF CONTROL - The smallest temperature difference between the floor and the air above means the system is easy to regulate. With individual room control being a common feature of underfloor heating systems, you can individually adjust temperature settings in each  room of the house.


• COMFORT - Underfloor heating heats from the floor upwards allowing an even distribution of heat and maximising comfort levels. Radiators only offer localised heat and normally need to run at a much higher temperature. Heat from radiators convects directly to ceiling level leaving the temperature at floor level much lower. A concentration of heat at head height can cause discomfort.


• SPACE AND AESTHETICS - By using underfloor heating you can gain more useable space when compared to traditional heating methods. With underfloor heating, wet floors dry quicker and the peeling of wallpaper and discolouration of paint is prevented

• SILENCE - Compared with radiators, there is no noise with underfloor heating.


Get to know How Underfloor heating system works


These days, most underfloor heating systems are either warm water (wet) systems or electric (dry) systems.


For wet systems, pipes are buried in screed, or run underneath the floor surface. Wet underfloor heating systems operate by heat transferring from the water passing through the pipe directly into the floor. Because the whole area of the floor is warm, it heats the room more evenly.


Unlike radiators, underfloor heating systems do not need to run at high temperatures. Heat imparted to the floor is released across a large area rather than the relatively small and focussed area of a radiator. As such,  UFH systems do not need to operate at such high temperatures.



Typically, the temperature of the water in an underfloor heating system pipe is 45 – 65oC (compare this to approximately 80oC flow and surface temperature of a radiator system) warming the floor to a temperature of 25 – 28oC, which is comfortable to walk on.



For Dry Systems, the principle is the same. The difference is that instead of imparting heat from water passing through a pipe, you use an electric heating element as the heat source.


Underfloor Heating Manufacturers that we deal with :


http://www.warmup.co.uk     WARM UP  underfloor heating
http://www.heatmat.co.uk   HEAT MAT underfloor heating

http://www.devi.co.uk/      DEVIREG undefloor heating
http://www.uponor.co.uk/     UPONOR underfloor heating
www.thermo-floor.co.uk   -   THERMO FLOOR underfloor heating
http://www.ebeco.com/en/index.php     -   EBECO underfloor heating
www.invisibleheating.co.uk  -   Invisible Heating Systems
http://www.florad.co.uk/   -   FLORAD  underfloor heating
www.enerfoil.com  -  ENERFOIL  underfloor heating
www.eco-hometec.co.uk  -    ECO HOME underfloor heating 
www.allbriteuk.co.uk   -    ALLBRITE Underfloor heating
http://www.thermogroupuk.com/   -    THERMO
http://www.nu-heat.co.uk -  Nu Heat Underfloor Heating

http://www.speedfitufh.co.uk  - Speedfit underfloor heating

John Guest Underfloor Heaitng


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