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Underfloor Heating Installation - Reliable Family Run 24 Hours Underfloor Heating Installers in London  


The pipework installed as part of wet underfloor heating systems nowadays, is typically high quality – PEX (the generic name for polybutylene, or polyethylene) and Alupex™ (a five-layer composite of PEX and aluminium) are popular materials and are continuous, so there is no danger of leaking from joints.


Wet underfloor heating systems are, however, best suited for inclusion in newly built homes because of the disruption and expense involved in taking up the floor(s) of an existing property. Repair, or maintenance, of wet underfloor heating systems, if it is required, may prove troublesome and costly, so reliable materials are a necessity. A wet system also requires space for timer controls, individual valves for each room, etc., but these can often be positioned together in a single location, such as a cupboard.


Electrical underfloor heating is more appropriate for renovation projects in existing properties, as heating cables, or mats, are laid on top of the existing sub-floor, or insulation board, such that the height of the floor need only be raised by a few millimetres, at most. 


Electric underfloor heating is easy to install and inexpensive, especially if you wish to heat a single room, such as bathroom, for short periods. You can, of course purchase electrical floor heating online, and fit it as a DIY project, but you should secure the services of a qualified electrician to connect the cables, or mats, to the mains electricity supply


Let’s get your underfloor heating looked after by specialist from Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services – As we are the “A Team”


24 Hour Underfloor Heating Installer - Underfloor Heating Repair

Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services is underfloor heating specialist company and installers who can assist you 24 hours. We have the knowledge and experience to all underfloor heating solutions you may have whatever the type is for example the underfloor heating warm water.


Our underfloor heating experts are specialised in all makes of electric underfloor heating system from the UK makes to the foreigne ones so it doesn’t matter how serious the problems are – we can help you. The experts will do proper diagnostic to find out what the problems are and find solutions as some time they will need to source the part like underfloor heating thermostat, pipe or might have problem with the underfloor heating pipes, underfloor heating pumps.


Unless you have some appropriate knowledge and equipment yourself to try deal with the problem but there is a limit to the repairs that can be undertaken safely. However, there are a few simple things that can be checked before calling a specialist underfloor heating repairer.


As with all heating systems it is advisable to run the system, for half an hour or so, each month during the summer. This will reduce the risk of circulating pumps and valves sticking.

Advanced Plumbing and Heating Services is a family run underfloor heating specialist that you can trust.



Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Services Underfloor Heating Specialist can deal with all these underfloor heating makes


NU HEAT underfloor heating

WARM UP underfloor heating 

HEAT MAT underfloor heating

BEAMA underfloor heating

DEVIREG undefloor heating

UPONOR underfloor heating

THERMO FLOOR underfloor heating

EBECO underfloor heating

Invisible Heating Systems

FLORAD underfloor heating

FLOOR HEATING underfloor heating system

ENERFOIL underfloor heating

ECO HOME underfloor heating

ALLBRITE Underfloor heating


TACONOVA underfloor heating


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