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Advanced Professional Air-Conditioning & Ventilation Services are one of trade's fields we can assist you with.  With professionalism and customer focused mind we have, we are very confident you will be more that satisfied with the quality of work.

Air-conditioning & Ventilation  Services we offer :

-  Air-conditioning engineer

-  Air-con ventilation installation

-  Air-con repair

-  Commercial air-conditioning
-  Commercial & Domestic Fridges
-  Coolers

Air-conditioning & Ventilation & Refrigerator Repair
Advanced Professional Air-conditioning & Ventilation Services provides various types of Air-conditioning repair & Refrigeration & Ventilation, air  conditioning installation, air conditioning servicing so that means whatever your problem is you have you can sit back and relax and let us deal with it because you know you are in very good hand.


In the kitchen of nearly every home in America there is a refrigerator. Every 15 min­utes or so you hear the motor turn on, and it magically keeps things cold. Without refrigeration, we'd be throwing out our leftovers instead of saving them for another meal.


The refrigerator is one of those miracles of modern living that totally changes life. Prior to refrigeration, the only way to preserve meat was to salt it, and iced beverages in the summer were a real luxury. 


The basic idea behind a refrigerator is very simple: It uses the evaporation of a liquid to absorb heat. In this article, you'll find out how your refrigerator performs its magic based on this simple principle. We'll also look at cold packs, electronic coolers and the propane refrigerators found in RVs



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Modern refrigerators use a regenerating cycle to reuse the same refrigerant over and over again. You can get an idea of how this works by again imagining our oven creature and his cup of water. He could create a regenerating cycle by taking the following four steps:


The air temperature in the oven is 400 degrees F. The water in the cup boils away, remaining at 212 F but producing a lot of 400 F steam. Let's say the creature collects this steam in a big bag.


Once all the water boils away, he pressurizes the steam into a steel container. In the process of pressurizing it, its temperature rises to 800 F and it remains steam. So now the steel container is "hot" to the creature because it contains 800 F steam.


The steel container dissipates its excess heat to the air in the oven, and it eventually falls back to 400 F. In the process, the high-pressure steam in the container condenses into pressurized water (just like the butane in a lighter -- see sidebar).


At this point, the creature releases the water from the steel pressurized container into a pot, and it immediately begins to boil, its temperature dropping to 212 F.

By repeating these four steps, the creature now has a way of reusing the same water over and over again to provide refrigeration.



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