“Reliable Family Run (Husband & Wife Formed)”
"Twice recommended by"Time Out" London in 2006"
"Finalist of the Training and Development Barking & Dagenham Business Awards 2008" 
"Finalist of  the "Best New Business"  and " Entrepreneur of the year" Kingston  Business Awards 2010"    
"Finalist of  the " Entrepreneur of the year" Kingston  Business Awards 2011"


Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Services have registered- high skilled commercial gas engineers, heating specialist who are located in East London Central London (City London), East Central & West Central London, City London & Westminster, West End London (West), Northwest London, East London, North London, Enfield, Southwest London,Southeast London, Bromley & Kent, Croydon, Richmond & Twickenham, Uxbridge, Essex,  areas to assist you in case of emergency. They are responsible for installation, maintaining and repairing all types of small gas appliances and commercial gas appliances from private house, small business to large business with commercial properties.


We have registered commercial gas engineers who can deal with :

Baking ovens cooking opens specialist, commercial catering cookers, commercial catering ovens, griddles, Kebab making machine, Kabab Cater-Grill & Roller Grill commercial engineers, PIZZA OVEN GRILL MACHINE, fryers, griddles servicing and repairing, chargrills, commercial cooler, commercial refrigerations, Commercial Ice-Cream Making Machine Cooking , Bratt Pan , Electric Fryers, Burners, Gas Fryers , LPG cookers, Panini Makers repairs expert London ,Ranges Ovens , Combi Ovens , Pizza Oven Machine, Pasta Boilers, Kebab making machines, Grills / Salamanders , Commercial Chargrills , Griddles , commercial Hob Units , commercials Toasters, Lincat commercial cookers, Falcon commercial burner ovens, Commercial Imperial Burner Ovens,Gas barbeque , Commercial blue seal ovens, Commercial coverntion oven,  Polin commercial ovens, Commercial Interlock System , Gas Bratt Pan , Commercial Gas Bratt Pan Cookers, Gas Tandoori Machine,Gas Japati making machine, Commercial laundry, commercial laundry equipment, commercial laundry parts, commercial laundry services, commercial laundry service,Gas Japati making machine,Dryer, Tumble Dryer, Kitchen Appliance , Household Appliances Repairs can be carried out onsite by our experienced specialists, Microwave, Commercial Oven, Emergency commercial Cooker, Commercial Oven, Commercial Appliance Repairs ,  We repair all Commercial Ovens, Dishwasher, Grills, Coolers, Fridges, freezers, Griddle, Washing Machines Dishwasher, Commercial Dish Washer, Commercial Dryer, Emergency commercial Hotplate, Commercial Cooler, commercial Fridge, Commercial Freezer, Commercial Fryer, Commercial Deep Fat Fryer, Commercial Boiling Top, Commercial Char Grill, Commercial Griddle, Commercial Hot Cupboard, Commercial Water Boiler, Commercial Chip Scuttle, Commercial Pasta Boiler, Commercial Appliance Repairs, Emergency Callout, Qualified Commercial Catering  Engineers, London Commercial Heating Specialists, Commercial Oven Repair London, Commercial Dishwasher Repair, Commercial Fridge



We are specialisted in Commercial Bratt Pan Repairs,Maintenance,Installation. If you are looking for a great commercial catering company who can provide you with experienced and skilled commercial bratt pan installers you can always contact us


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Covering all over London and surrounding, apart form the greyed out areas.

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