Warm air unit repairs, servicing is another type of the services we offer. We have warm air unit specialist who can get you out of trouble for an emergency issue for example warm air heating breakdown or non-emergency issues such as gas safety certificate / gas landlord certificate for warm air heating system, or warm air unit servicing that required all 24 hours all over all London, Bromley, Enfield, Westminster, Romford, Croydon, Twickenham, Uxbridge and in all these postcodes.


Do you know enough about what warm air heating system?

If not, Advanced Professional warm air heating specialist can tell you. Here are some common myths about Warm air heating

1. Warm air system is old technology and some manufacturers don’t even make it anymore.  However, we know a good leading manufacturer who can provide you warm air unit if needed.

2. It’s very difficult to find engineers or experts who would know how to repair warm air unit, some heating engineer just won’t even touch it at all!

3. Not many people know much about warm air unit system and especially new generations are just not interested in it

4. Some engineers out there don’t think that you replace get a warm air unit replaced.  The fact is you can replace your warm air unit with a new improved model or you can have radiator instead. New warm air unit is more efficient, much quieter and in fact far more efficient!

5. The way warm air heating system works is different from new central heating technology

6. Warm Air heating blows dust all around the house. With allergies becoming more common, modern heaters have the option of electronic filtration by adding Cleanflow. This means that all of the air in your house can be electronically cleaned, up to 6 times per hour. The filter removes 95% of all airborne particles down to 1 micron. Pollen is approx 100 microns and tobacco smoke is 1 micron. This will provide a cleaner, healthier home environment which is especially beneficial for hay fever sufferers and those with respiratory complaints. But you can clean filter and make sure you regularly keep the house clean

7. Warm Air does not meet Part L regulations. However, Modern Warm Air Units comply with Part L regulations

8. Don't confuse warm air heaters of the 20th century with technology of the 21st century. Modern warm air heaters with electronic controls provide stable room temperatures, excellent comfort conditions and greater fuel efficiency. We have good relationship with a leading manufacturer of Warm air units (Johnson & Starley) so our reliable warm air unit specialists from Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Services and Johnson & Starley can give you all support you need with all warm air unit problems.





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