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- Twice Recommended by “Time Out” in 2006
- Finalist of the “Training & Development” Barking & Dagenham Business Awards 2008
- Finalist of the “Best New Business” and “Entrepreneur of the year” Kingston Business Awards 2010

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Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Services London - we're husband and wife formed. Commercial & Domestic plumbing and Heating Services London - 24 hrs emergency London plumbers. All repairs, services, installations offered for all residential & commercial customers, restaurants, offices, supermarkets, commercial and domestic buildings, hotels family run plumbing heating

Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services is a fast & reliable London plumbers who are competent to carry on all types of plumbing work and plumbing service

• London trusted Plumber – your local plumbers in London
• Plumbing in the UK
• Bathroom installation replacement Bathroom repair maintenance
• Toilet installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Toilet installers
• Macerator installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Water pipes burst, leaks
• Blocked sink, Blocked toilet
• Internal drainage repair
• Radiator leaks
• Radiator fitters
• Washing machine installation, replacement
• Kitchen sink, basin installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Shower installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Dishwasher installation, replacement
• Plumbing system inspection
• Un-vented hot water, Water Cylinder,Mega flow installation, replacement
• Water heater installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Water Softener installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Thermal Store cylinders installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Cold water storage tank installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Gledhill boilermate
• Power flushing service


About Hot Water Cylinders


A hot water cylinder can be found in most homes across the UK. Hot water cylinders are commonly used to ensure copious amounts of stored hot water is available on demand for baths, showers and kitchen use. The hot water cylinder most suitable for your home will depend largely on how much water you intend to use throughout the course of a single day, e.g. if you need a lot of water then you will need to make sure your new cylinder can hold a large enough amount of hot water to prevent running out of prematurely. Hot water cylinders are usually kept in an airing cupboard or loft, however an unvented cylinder can be placed just about anywhere.


If you are considering have a new Hot water cylinder replaced in your home these are Top Hot Water Cylinder Manufacturers we recommended :

• Heatrae Sadia Cylinder
• Gledhill Cylinder
• Santon Cylinder
• Ariston Cylinder
• Vaillant Cylinder
• Albion Cylinder
• OSO Cylinder


Get to know "Vented Cylinder"

A Vented Cylinder (or Cistern Fed Cylinder) has a header tank that is usually situated within the loft area. This header tank feeds through the cold water from the mains feed and relies on gravity to pass the water through the pipes to your heating/hot water system. A vented hot water cylinder is normally associated with a conventional heating system.

Vented Cylinders are manufactured out of copper, with the copper varying in thickness measured in grades. The better the grade, the better the resistance to copper corrosion, and therefore advances the longevity of the cylinder. A domestic vented copper cylinder is usually Grade 3.
All Cylinders supplied by us at PlumbNation Heating Supplies are compliant with the new Building Regulations, Part L.


Get to know "Unvented Cylinder"

An Unvented Cylinder works off the mains pressure water and therefore use the water mains pressurised system to move the domestic hot water around the property, thus eliminating the need for a header tank in the loft.

Unvented Cylinders offer higher hot water flow rates and are therefore able to provide higher water pressure for showers and baths etc. An Unvented Cylinder does not require a feeder tank so this frees up valuable space in the loft area and also gives you the option to site the Cylinder anywhere you want, freeing up further space in the airing cupboard.

Unvented Cylinders are generally manufactured out of top quality stainless steel; this ensures long life and durability. Unvented Cylinders can also carry a manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 25 years, particularly the Heatrae Sadia Unvented Cylinders range. Other Manufacturer Cylinder guarantees may vary.

We at PlumbNation Heating Supplies offer a wide range of Unvented Cylinders from some of the UK’s most popular manufacturers. These include Heatrae Sadia, Santon, and Ariston. As well as providing top quality boilers, Vaillant also manufactures the Vaillant Unistor Unvented Cylinder range, which has been designed to perfectly compliment any boiler.



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