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Advanced Professional Plumbing and Heating Services is a fast & reliable London plumbers who are competent to carry on all types of plumbing work and plumbing service

• London trusted Plumber – your local plumbers in London
• Plumbing in the UK
• Bathroom installation replacement Bathroom repair maintenance
• Toilet installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Toilet installers
• Macerator installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Water pipes burst, leaks
• Blocked sink, Blocked toilet
• Internal drainage repair
• Radiator leaks
• Radiator fitters
• Washing machine installation, replacement
• Kitchen sink, basin installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Shower installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Dishwasher installation, replacement
• Plumbing system inspection
• Un-vented hot water, Water Cylinder, Mega flow installation,repair
• Water heater installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Water Softener installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Thermal Store cylinders installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Cold water storage tank installation, replacement, repair, maintenance
• Gledhill boilermate
• Power flushing service


Basic Tips – How to Repair Blocked Drain


Do not empty any more water into the drains.


Check the manhole outside your property. It may be heavy to lift so take care. If it is clear then the blockage must be between your property and here. If it is full, then the blockage is further along, so check the next manhole. If it is a private drain or sewer then it is the householders responsibility to clear it but if your house is in a row of houses then the problem could be shared with several householders who add waste up to the point of the blockage.


Once located, first get your hose and poke it into the end of the drain from the empty manhole and turn the water on full to see if the water pressure will shift the blockage. If this doesn’t work then try to push the hose down the drain from the full manhole. Make sure you feed the hose down well before switching on the water so that the content doesn’t get sprayed back at you.


If the DIY hose method does not work, then you can use a set of drain rods, which you can hire from a DIY shop. These can be screwed together and pushed through the drain to clear any blockage. Make sure you turn the rods in a clockwise direction as you push them, this will stop them loosening or a joint undoing whilst underground. Once the blockage is cleared it is worth flushing the drains through, perhaps with hot soapy water as often, fat can block drains and this will help break it up and disperse it completely.


If you are unable to clear the drains yourself, then you should hire drain clearers. You will find them listed in the yellow pages.


You can help keep your drainage system and the environment clean by disposing of your waste oil, fat and grease, simply and safely in the Fat Trap. This product provides a consumer friendly alternative to pouring such waste down the sink. The Fat Trap holds 500ml, sits neatly beside the cooker and will take the waste fat, grease and oil from every day cooking, frying and roasting. For more information visit the Less Mess Ltd website.

N.B  - It is really important that you are aware who is responsible for the drain/sewer at your property. It is a common misconception that councils and Water Utility Companies are responsible for maintaining all drains but this is not always the case.


In general, for houses which were built before 1st October 1937 all pipework serving more than one property will normally be a public sewer maintained by the local Water Utility Company.


For houses built after 1st October 1937 all pipework serving more than one property will be a private sewer until it joins the public sewer (normally under the road and can be quite a distance away) and should be maintained by all the house owners using it and any repairs costs should be shared equally.


The main sewer in the road will normally be a public sewer whenever it was constructed.


Being aware of who is responsible will help prevent any disputes in the event of a blocked or damaged drain/sewer at your property. If you are not sure, then your local council’s Technical Services Department should be able to help you determine responsibility for the drainage system.



Basic Tips – How to Repair Blocked Toilet

If your toilet is blocked with paper and is not flushing it away properly, then it should usually be able to be cleared with a large rubber plunger.


Fit the plunger over the outlet at the bottom of the toilet pan and thrust it down a few times. This should clear the blockage. Once cleared, flush the soil pipe through with a bucket of water. If you are unable to clear the blockage yourself, then call out a plumber.



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