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What is Underfloor Heating System?


Underfloor heating uses radiant heat ensuring that you feel comfortable even at a lower air temperature than that produced by a more conventional heating system. With underfloor heating all the floor is heated so no matter where you are in the room its all the same temperature. The heat rises and surrounds you and your furniture leaving you with warm feet and a cool head. A radiator rises to the ceiling and slowly works its way down leaving one side of the room where your radiator is hot and the opposite side cool, this also means you have a warm head and cold feet.



Under floor heating Leaks Repairs engineers - Recommended Underfoor Heating Specialist


The topic of leaks can be dealt with very quickly. If you can see where the leak is coming from then that is where it is coming from.


Basic Tips - How to repair / deal with underfloor heating leaks


In either case some excavation to a screeded floor will be required. If the floor is of a timber construction with underfloor heating, then the floor deck will need to be removed. No Heat from the Underfloor Heating System.

First of all start with the basics. Is there a hot water supply available? We have known cases where, on large properties, one boiler is supplying the underfloor heating while another supplies the domestic hot water.


Next, is there a demand for heating? Make sure that at least one thermostat is set above the current ambient temperature and that any timers or programmers are in an active mode. Depending on the control system used they may have been upset by a power cut and they may only be operating at night.Also check any fuses that are within your capabilities.


Circulating pumps for underfloor heating, or any heating system, can seize up if left unused all summer. Sometimes these can be freed by a sharp tap to the pump, or by removing an end cap on the pump and turning a slotted shaft. Once again we must stress that you should only do this if you feel competent to do so.Underfloor heating pumps are usually not of all summer, depending on the type of control system used, but we have known them seize in this way.If all else fails then you may need to look for an underfloor heating repair specialist, as many plumbers do not like working on underfloor heating system



At Advanced Plumbing & Heating We always have registered gas safe engineers who are underfloor hearing specialist available all over london areas and surrounding all 24 hours a day 7 days a week throughout festive periods!


Underfloor Heating Manufacturers that we deal with :


http://www.warmup.co.uk     WARM UP  underfloor heating
http://www.heatmat.co.uk   HEAT MAT underfloor heating

http://www.devi.co.uk/      DEVIREG undefloor heating
http://www.uponor.co.uk/     UPONOR underfloor heating
www.thermo-floor.co.uk   -   THERMO FLOOR underfloor heating
http://www.ebeco.com/en/index.php     -   EBECO underfloor heating
www.invisibleheating.co.uk  -   Invisible Heating Systems
http://www.florad.co.uk/   -   FLORAD  underfloor heating
www.enerfoil.com  -  ENERFOIL  underfloor heating
www.eco-hometec.co.uk  -    ECO HOME underfloor heating 
www.allbriteuk.co.uk   -    ALLBRITE Underfloor heating
http://www.thermogroupuk.com/   -    THERMO
http://www.nu-heat.co.uk -  Nu Heat Underfloor Heating

http://www.speedfitufh.co.uk  - Speedfit underfloor heating

John Guest Underfloor Heaitng


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