Water Softener Installation and Maintenace

Water Softener Installation

Are you experiencing drinking “hard water”?

Are you feeling “hard water with yellow lime scale” tastes horrible?

How are you feeling having to clean yourself with “hard water” like that?

If you are one of the people who experience some of these problems. Advanced Professional Plumbing & Heating Services have an answer for you.

As you know “hard” water is a big problem in London. You probably can’t deny that you feel uncomfortable drinking this hard water. It doesn’t taste right, it doesn’t look nice when you see lime scale in your kettle, it doesn’t make you feel good and everyone has a right to demand for crystal clear, clean and soft water.

Would you not want to have nice soft water in your own home just like some places up north like Scotland, Ireland , Wales or some cities in north of England where people living there can drink soft, clean water directly from the taps and clean themselves without uncomfortable feeling.

Now Let’s get to Know More about Hard Water. What Causes Hard Water ?

Hard water contains a lot of calcium or magnesium dissolved in it. Hard water causes two problems:

The solution to hard water is either to filter the water by distillation or reverse osmosis to remove the calci¬um and magnesium, or to use a water softener. Filtration would be extremely expens¬ive to use for all the water in a house, so a water softener is usually a less costly solution.
The idea behind a water softener is simple. The calcium and magnesium ions in the water are replaced with sodium ions. Since sodium does not prec¬ipitate out in pipes or react badly with soap, both of the problems of hard water are eliminated. To do the ion replacement, the water in the house runs through a bed of small plastic beads or through a chemical matrix called zeolite. The beads or zeolite are covered with sodium ions. As the water flows past the sodium ions, they swap places with the calcium and magnesium ions. Eventually, the beads or zeolite contain nothing but calcium and magnesium and no sodium, and at this point they stop softening the water. It is then time to regenerate the beads or zeolite

Regeneration involves soaking the beads or zeolite in a stream of sodium ions. Salt is sodium chloride, so the water softener mixes up a very strong brine solution and flushes it through the zeolite or beads (this is why you load up a water softener with salt). The strong brine displaces all of the calcium and magnesium that has built up in the zeolite or beads and replaces it again with sodium. The remaining brine plus all of the calcium and magnesium is flushed out through a drain pipe. Regeneration can create a lot of salty water, by the way -- something like 25 gallons (95 liters).

Water Softener System

Water Softeners are used to treat hard water. They work by replacing the calcium and magnesium in the water with sodium. They may also remove a small amount of iron or manganese, but for high levels, it is not recommended.

Water Softeners will generally require a professional installation, and they are relatively expensive to both purchase and maintain.

For hard water treatment you may wish to use a magnetic water conditioner as they are signficantly less expensive alternative to water softeners. Although some people claim they don’t work, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence, and some scientific research, to suggest they are equally as effective as water softeners in treating hard water.

Now you Know a Great Solution to this Problem

Advanced Professional plumbers like us know how to do hard water treatment by having water softener installed. Our registered plumbers have skills to advise you on how to soften your drinking water – installing a water softener in tap, shower will help soften the water more. Advanced Plumbing and Heating Services knows all good water softener system and you can get a water softener filter as there are several types of water softeners, they are designed to be installed residential and commercial property like home water softener (residential water softeners) and we also so repair water softener so we can say Advanced Professional Plumbing and heating is one of water softener companies who can provide you this service all year round

Let’s Have Water Softener Installed in your Property!

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